Jarrett’s 10 Best Places to Eat

These restaurants are all locally owned small businesses that have one huge thing in common besides great food, that is their exceptional service and commitment to providing the best experience possible. I have personally been to each one of these Restaurants. I love small business restaurants for several reasons. One, I am a small business. As an Edmond Real Estate Agent, I thoroughly understand how difficult it is competing with the big dogs. So, I can appreciate someone doing a great job and I want to support them. After all they are the ones going up against the big dogs.

Great food and Service is the key to get you through the door with only word of mouth. Two, the service is a lot better because they want you to return. Many times, the owners are working there. I always know it will be a good place if the owner comes out to greet you or check in while dining.
When you eat at one of those big chain restaurants you are missing the opportunity to support a local small business. When you support the locally owned businesses you are helping local families support themselves, buy food, pay for college etc. Most importantly the money you spend stays local and in our community. These are MY must go to local eateries.

1. The Heat Pizza (formally Humble Pie) If you loved Humble pie you’ll love this place. The Heat is the place to find buttery, flaky, deep dish crust filled with delicious toppings smothered with homemade sauce. Chicago style pizza right here in Edmond OK. I’ve always loved this place and reading through the reviews is making my mouth water. Keep in mind this is not fast food pizza. It does take a while to prepare a deep-dish pizza to perfection. If you’re in a hurry check out the online menu and call your order in ahead of time. Repeatedly I see in the reviews that this is the best Chicago style pizza in Oklahoma. They also keep saying that the owner often comes by to say hello. The heat pizza makes the list!
(405) 715-1818
The Heat Pizza
1319 S Broadway
Edmond OK 73034

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2. Eggington’s Is not the typical greasy spoon diner. However, I’ll have one on the list here. Calling all breakfast people! We’re bringing the Edmond community both food and service that are a notch above the rest. Around here, quality ingredients are the stars of the show. We use all the good stuff to whip up your favorites, like biscuits and gravy and sweet cream pancakes. Breakfast is our specialty, but our lunch menu never fails to impress. You absolutely cannot leave without having the Cheezy Hash Browns. This some of the best breakfast food around. You can also order with healthy options at Eddington’s. You will thank me later.
(405) 285-1580
737 W Danforth Rd
Edmond, OK 73003

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3. The Cow Calf-Hay -Burgers and Breakfast. a local restaurant that takes pride in serving Certified Angus Beef, 100% fresh never frozen beef. You can count on The Cow Calf-Hay to only use ingredients of the highest quality. This place is known for their amazing burgers but if you haven’t tried the breakfast, you might be missing out. Breakfast if from 7:00 to 11:00. Lunch and diner form 11:00-8:00 Great atmosphere with a great small town diner like experience. Make sure you get the Ultimate Chicken Sandwich.

(405) 509-2333
The Cow Calf-Hay
3409 Wynn Dr
Edmond, OK 73013


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4. 3 Tequilas – Mexican and Margaritas. If it’s nice go sit on the patio. 3 Tequilas probably has the best margaritas in town! They just have so many different options and sizes to choose from. I usually order their house frozen and it’s wonderful. While the margaritas are good, the food is awesome. The rare unicorn “White queso” is to die for.
3 Tequilas (405) 216-0500
315 S Broadway
Edmond, OK 73003


5. Texlahoma BBQ – They’ve been around since 2015 and are steadily making a name for themselves as the best BBQ around. The chopped brisket is the best I’ve ever had hands down. Make sure you don’t leave without trying the pulled pork. You can order by the pound to go or dine in.
Texlahoma BBQ (405) 513-7631
121 E Waterloo Rd Ste 8
Edmond, OK 73034




6. Othellos -Italian food. It’s located in one of Edmond’s historic older buildings downtown. Very authentic atmosphere. The fresh made pre-meal bread is amazing and served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. So good. Felt like an old-school Italian eatery. The menu is amazing, or you can pick your pasta, sauce and protein. Get “The Taster” for a small sample of different appetizers.
Othellos (405) 330-9045
1 S Broadway
Edmond, OK 73034




7. Little Knight’s – Authentic Mexican. This very tiny place is big on flavor. The burritos or street tacos will keep you coming back. This place is near my home and I probably pick up an order of Street tacos once a week. I usually sit out on the patio and have a Corona while I’m waiting for the food. This is truly a small family owned establishment. You might see their taco truck around town also. Don’t leave without having a street taco. Just let them make it like it comes. Don’t get all custom on your order.
Little Knight’s (405) 697-5333
2917 E Waterloo Rd
Edmond, OK 73034



8. Café Icon – Cafe Icon Sushi and Grill, formerly known as Tropical Cafe, is a full-service family restaurant. Edmond’s Exotic Culinary Experience for the Whole Family, Lunch and Dinner. signature salads, sushi rolls, Panini sandwiches, hibachi dishes and more. Café Icon is quickly becoming the go-to Sushi place.
Café Icon (405) 340-8956
311 S Blackwelder Ave
Edmond, OK 73034



9. Flatire Burger- Fun eclectic burger joint with some crazy offerings. Flatire Burger is to UCO as Eskimo Joes is to Stillwater. Must get items are the Cheese fries, the Juicy Lucy Burger and any of the Groovy shakes. Overall, I would recommend this place over The Garage and Bricktown Brewery. The UCO burger joint. For a little adventure get the S’mores for desert.
Flatire Burger (405) 359-2006
318 E Ayers St
Edmond, OK 73034



10. Eischen’s Bar – While this is not in Edmond, it is nearby and locally owned. Plus, this is one of those places that if you live in Edmond you must visit at least once. The menu is short and sweet. Who does not love fried chicken? This place knows how to do it right. If you’re in the mood for fried chicken, nachos, beer and hanging out with friends this is the place. A couple things to make note of- Make sure you stay the speed limit coming and going. (Small town tickets are big). Also make sure you bring cash because they don’t take plastic. Bring your friends.
Eischen’s Bar (405) 263-9939
109 S 2nd St
Okarche, OK 73762

If you find a place on this list that you have never heard of, then maybe you should get out and go try it. Enjoy Edmond.

-Jarrett Carter
“Your Edmond Real Estate Agency

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